My work is inspired by the power and beauty of physical movement and the diversity of the emotional impulses and experiences that inform the dance.

Movement is essential to life and relatable on a deeply cellular level. Regardless of ability or disability, our bodies are constantly active: inhaling, exhaling, generating energy, heat and invention.

Dance is collaborative. I enjoy working with humans, being creative, vulnerable, taking risks, asking questions, making discoveries, leading, laughing and learning.


I have provided administrative support for various organizations in the arts, education and government sectors. 

I have focused my career on facilitating access to arts and culture, professionally and as an advocate and volunteer. 

Like most creative people, my work and life are integrated. I endeavor to do what I love and love what I do. 


I have designed and delivered a wide variety of education programs in studios, high schools, colleges and universities.

These encounters are generally envisioned as a pathway to understanding and interacting with dance. Class is a lab, with ideas and inspirations for a project serving as the catalyst for movement.

The classes, workshops and residencies are meant to be collaborative, community-minded and to provide opportunities for collective discovery.